SFAC is a student-led committee that reviews and recommends how the Chancellor spends the Student Services Fee revenue each year, as stipulated in the Regents Policy 3101. This fee, which is separate from tuition, student government, and lock-in fees, is "used to support services and programs that directly benefit students and that are complementary to, but not a part of, the core instructional program."[1] This includes operating expenses in certain areas of the Division of Student Affairs, as well as projects and programs that generally cater to social, recreational, cultural, health, and career support services, with the intent of creating "a supportive and enriched learning environment for University of California undergraduate, graduate, and professional students."[1]

SFAC acts as a bridge between staff in the Division of Student Affairs, who provide a plethora of student services offered to UCSB students, and the students themselves. We are responsible for communicating the needs of both groups directly to the Chancellor with the intent of prioritizing how the Student Services Fee revenue is allocated on campus. We maximize the impact and scope of various student service related projects, so that students have all of the resources necessary to reach educational goals while maintaining a healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyle!

The SFAC consists of:

Voting Members

  • Twelve voting members
  • The twelve voting members are drawn from a cross-section of the campus population which either pay the Student Services Fee, use services provided by the fee, or are involved in the Student Services Fee Administration process.
  • The voting members consist of two seniors, two juniors, two sophomores, two graduate students, two staff representatives, and two faculty representatives.

Non-voting Advisors

  • Three non-voting advisors
  • The advisors are from the Planning and Budget Office as well as the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Office. 

Non-voting Representatives

  • Several non-voting representatives from the Associated Students (AS) and the Graduate Students Association (GSA).
  • The student government representatives provide information and facilitate coordination between SFAC and other student groups on campus.

"As the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services, I have worked closely with SFAC on three major projects over the last five years. Thanks to the support and thoughtfulness of SFAC and its members, all three projects will significantly improve the quality of service we are able to provide the UCSB community. The resources SFAC granted helped us plan and construct a student farm, implement a new student financial system, and remodel the reception area of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. I am humbled by the level of support we have received from SFAC and I am always impressed with the group's thoughtful questions and due diligence when it comes to considering funding proposals. The impact of these projects will be felt for many years to come and will literally help support thousands of Gauchos!"

– Michael M. Miller, Ed.D.

"SFAC has pledged funding from their committee reserves for Storke Field conversion to artificial turf, a large collaborative project which also has financial support from the student referendum ‘Flip the Switch’ and Recreation Department reserves. SFAC has consistently supported and enhanced the vibrant recreational programs and activities offered to UCSB students. Thank you for supporting health and well-being on our campus!"

– Angela Andrade, Dean of Student Wellness

"SFAC has funded physical improvements that provide UCSB students with more functional spaces to socialize and build community through recreation activities. We are extremely grateful for the assistance SFAC has provided over the years."

- Jeff Huskey, Director of Recreation